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About is a brand new bot designed to run at super fast speeds while also providing the community it serves with massive potential.


What can this smol heck do?

Uses the same filters as r.purge Log the messages in a channel

Option What it does
filter Filter for messages that will be put into an archive

Give users a server badge or create/edit/delete current ones!

Option What it does
create Creates a new badge using the given name and image url. Max size for a badge is 80Kb

Alias for r.devilsknife Banish thy fools

No options for this command

Set the target channel as the ban log and then start remembering the logs

No options for this command

Blacklists a user from using commands inside the server they got blacklisted from

No options for this command


No options for this command
Info about the bot

No options for this command
Make your own personalised text box from DeltaRune! I am looking for other friends to join me in this box however, if you have some sprites from the games you want to add, DM Cerulean#7014!

Option What it does
Some Text This is the text that will be used to form your text box! Try encasing the text inside "" to keep them the same line!
image options


No options for this command

Bans a user from the server. I CAN DO ANYTHING!!

No options for this command

Mod Only


No options for this command

Message filters for the server. This uses RegEx and can be experimented on via the dashboard, look for it under "Filters"

Option What it does
generate Generates a RegExp pattern from the input, making it easier to add to the filter.
add/create Creates a filter with the name and value you give the bot. r.filter add "filt name" "value"
delete Removes a filter by **Filter Name**
edit Edits a filter by **Filter Name**, you also need to give me the new filter!
Mod Only options

No options for this command

Hugs me!

No options for this command


Option What it does
role Information for the role named
@user Information on the user mentioned (or ID)
graph The user join graph for this server
server Information about the server itself

Set the logging channel for various features

No options for this command

Mod Only deprecated

Adds or removes a user from the mod list

No options for this command

Mod Only


No options for this command

ACT: used Pacify. This command adds a role when someone is pacified but then removes it after a period of time!

Option What it does
* Mention users The users that will be pacified. Can be 1 or more mentions
time time format for how long they will be pacified for
reason The reason for pacifying for the bot to track
Mod Only options

Your profile! To add new lines to your profile, use the tag "<nl>". This tells the bot to add a new line in that position because discord scrubs that before it reaches the bot.

Option What it does
Username/UserID The user id you want to find the profile for!
quote The text you want for the top of your profile
bg/background The background for your profile (r.profile bg to see all background options)
description Your profile text. The main thing people will see on your profile as well as info page.

This command purges the chat based on the filter you give me! I require a number at the end of your request to know how many messages i should delete!

Option What it does
all Target messages
embeds Targets embeds (Deletes the message with an embed)
attachments Targets messages with attachments
user Targets the mentioned user
bots Targets bot messages
startswith Targets messages that start with the next option
endswith Same as above but its from the end
starts/ends target The string you want to target with the other 2 targets
links Anything with HTTP or HTTPS in the message
mentions Any message that mentions someone
text Any message with text but without an attachment or embed
not Same as above but in reverse
Mod Only requires example options

No options for this command

Locks a command to run in a single channel or multiple channels This acts as a whitelist for a command so that people cannot spam a single command in the wrong channel.

Option What it does
* Command The command you want to whitelist. Dont include the prefix ("r." etc..)
* Channel This is the channel where the command will be whitelisted to.
Mods Only options


No options for this command

Mod Only

Sets the servers config. Requires Manage Server or modship to edit config

Option What it does
list Lists the settings that you can set
Setting Category The category for the setting
Setting Name The name of the setting
Value Value to set the setting to
Mod Only options

Finds the source for an image you give it. Requires a URL to find

No options for this command


No options for this command

Undoes the pacification you bringeth to thine mentioned user-eths

Option What it does
Mentioned users These are the targets for the pacification removal
Mod Only options

No options for this command